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'The Fire' - Alexandre Antigna (1817-1878) [Public domain], <a href=

‘The Fire’ – Alexandre Antigna (1817-1878) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fear can affect us all, in many different ways. For some of us, it can be the suspense of going for a job interview; the inpending thought of visiting the dentist; or the pressure felt, when we are taking exams. Others are generated through unique phobias about heights; spiders and creepy crawlies; or enclosed spaces, to name a few.

These are usually fuelled by irrational thoughts, but there are also real fears to be aware of, when we are faced with dangerous situations.

I therefore wanted to write a poem, which would emcompass this emotion, as a whole. However, just as a coin has its two different sides, I also wanted to show, that fear is not only a negative emotion, but it can also be a positive one.

Fear by Paul Featherstone

Fear can overwhelm us, at any moment,
Warning the senses, something is wrong,
It can alert you! To impending danger,
For its influence is immensely strong,
Often triggered by a situation, or object,
Which is perceived to be irrational, or real!
And once it seizes hold of the imagination,
We feel shaken and our skin becomes pale.

An icy chill runs quickly down the spine,
As the eyes widen and pupils dilate,
We succumb to an uneasy apprehension,
While we predict; some terrible fate,
It often twists and distorts our reality,
And its effect can be severe, or mild,
But its greatest intensity is felt the most,
When viewed through the eyes of a child.

Haven’t most of us, been afraid of the dark?
Heard a noise that has filled us with dread,
Or we’ve imagined, all kinds of monsters,
Which we believed, lived under our bed!
Almost too scared to peer over the covers,
Just in case – We are discovered and seen,
As shadows cast, project frightening faces,
Giving an eerie feeling of the evil unseen.

To awaken abruptly by an awful nightmare,
And stare deep into the impenetrable gloom,
Within a cold sweat; with heartbeat racing,
As we search frantically, the darkened room,
Tears fall down our cheeks, uncontrollably,
The silence broken by cries in the night,
Only to feel safe and secure once again,
When a family member turns on the light.

For an adult, these fears are fantasy,
To a young child, they appear so real,
Creations from an over-active mind,
A fabrication of a story, or fairytale,
With time – These anxietes diminish,
As we grow older – They fade away,
But others remain more persistant,
In later life, they haunt us, and stay.

They manifest themselves into phobias,
And become so disturbing, to the extreme,
A fear of creepy crawlies; snakes, or spiders,
Can leave us cringing, and wanting to scream,
Other times, we’re affected by surroundings,
Afraid of water; heights, or enclosed spaces,
We become nervous, when flying by plane,
Or at social gatherings; meeting new faces.

There are those unable to step outside,
Others get stage fright; performing in plays,
Some reasons seems so strange and bizarre,
Such as fearing clowns, balloons, or sunrays,
One may panic about change, or failure!
See weakness; through being by oneself,
Or will suffer from paranoia and delusions,
Tormented by the effects of a mental health.

Its powerful hold, can prey upon thousands,
With the overwhelming awe of its might,
Our thoughts will tell us to cower and run,
But sometimes defiant, we stand and fight,
For facing one’s fears can be pleasurable,
To be able to stop it from taking its toll,
With help from groups, friends, and family,
We can often find the source of its control.

But this emotion isn’t just negative,
What we usually fail to comprehend,
Is that fear isn’t always the enemy,
But in reality, it is actually our friend,
Giving us instinct, concern, and caution,
Not to be hasty, but to make the right choice,
And to reassure us of the vast world outside,
With a true perception, and an intuitive voice.

We crave its suspense and excitement,
As we search for novel ways to be terrified,
The movies buffs watching their horror stories,
Thrill-seekers riding a roller-coaster ride,
When mass hysteria and chaos threatens us,
It can unite us to fight; for a common ground,
For God endowed us with fear – To protect us,
From the threats and hazards, which lie around.

All for the love of Faye!

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'Happy lovers' By Fragonard [Public domain], <a href=

‘The Happy Lovers ‘ – Jean-Honore Fragonard (1760-1765) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, to some! This day is extremely special, as it allows us to express our deepest, unconditional love, towards one another. This can be done in all kinds of ways, such as a heartfelt message, or poem within a card; a gift of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers; or a token of love, such as whisking away your beloved, to a romantic place. For others, it is a great way to be all mysterious and secretive, loving someone from afar, without giving away their identity, in the intended hope, that they will be found out, and from their subtle efforts of affection; love will eventually prevail.

But, what you shouldn’t forget – is that Valentine’s Day is only one day in the year! True love is something that should be continuous and forever growing, like a flower blossoming with age. So, if you love someone completely, you should remind those cherished people, how much they mean to you; how much they are appreciated and loved by you, and how lost you would be, without them.

This poem is about a love that has been lost, but not forgotten. It tells of the story of Jack and his search for Faye, his one and only soulmate.

All for the love of Faye! by Paul Featherstone

Many years had passed by,
But, his love remained true,
For a fair, young maiden,
Who; he had once knew!
Guided, only by the stars,
Up in the heavens above,
He set sail upon a journey,
To seek out, his lost love.

He sailed on relentless,
Searching day and night,
Combing the high seas,
Until, land was in sight,
So long, he had waited,
Dreaming of this day,
Of holding in his arms,
His sweet, loving Faye.

For they were to marry,
And she, be his bride,
He wanted to always,
Be there, by her side,
But misfortune came,
So cruel and mean,
Compelled, to leave her,
Due to a war, unforseen.

The fight had since ended,
Peace reigned, once more,
No signs could be found,
Of that terrible war,
He was finally home,
Stepping onto dry land,
Soft footsteps approached,
As his feet touched the sand.

A vision stood before him,
Who called out his name,
Such pretty complexion,
With a fair golden mane,
And her lips, so delicious,
Her cheeks, blushing red,
She spoke to him softly,
“It is time, we were wed!”

He pulled her up closely,
In union – they kissed,
Their memories flooded,
Of good times they’d missed,
Once more – reunited!
With a love that won’t pass,
Jack had found his Faye,
His beloved, bonnie lass.

The Journey

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“The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up”, quote of Mae Jemison, M.D. (* 1956, American NASA scientific astronaut, first African American woman in space) By Robert W. Buss (1804-1875) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This poem is all about chasing your dreams and never giving up on them. So, if you have a personal goal, and you want to make it happen; then you need to keep yourself focused and stay determined; as you never know where it will lead you, unless you try.

Making your dreams come true is never an easy task, unless you are extremely lucky. You need to remember, that anything in life worth having, will always have its ups and downs, or its barriers and obstactles to put you off. Stay strong and keep fighting, for what you want!

As you progress along your exciting journey, you will meet geniune people; who will be more than happy to help you, and to give you their valued advice and support. But, on the negative side, you can also lose your way, through negative peoples’ opinions, who will go out of their way, to bring you down, distract you, or to mislead you from your proper course. Where it is fine to take on board positive criticism, as you can learn a lot, and you can expand your knowledge of the subject. Feedback should always be constructive and backed up with real evidence. Any other criticism should be completely ignored, as it will generally be false.

Finally, if after all your hard work, you find your efforts have lead you no where, then please don’t feel sad, or deflated by failure. At least you gave it your best shot, and you learned from the experience. Not all of your aspirations will be successful, but the beautiful thing about dreams is that they are endless! If one road to success doesn’t work out, then you can find another path, and move on with your life. So, happy dreaming and good luck!!!

The Journey by Paul Featherstone

I may have, a long way to travel,
And a steep hill, which to climb,
But as long, as I keep trying,
Then there will always be time!
As I progress, along my journey,
To find enlightenment on the way,
I’ll keep smiling and remember,
Rome wasn’t built, within a day.

So, I will never stop believing,
In the dreams, I hold so dear,
I’ll be strong and determined,
Leave behind all doubts and fear,
For I will battle on, regardless,
To reach the summit of my goal,
Driven on, by my sheer ambition,
As a fire burns, within my soul!

When we chase, our aspirations,
We can face, the great unknown,
But, there’s nothing to be scared of,
As life’s experiences, have shown,
If we didn’t have these challenges,
Then – How would we ever grow?
They define and build our character,
By what we learn and what we know!

Be true to yourself and be inspired,
As you continue, upon your quest,
Rejoice, in those around you,
The skills, you have been blessed,
For life – Is what you make it!
Just let, your imagination soar,
It is all part, of the journey,
There is so much, to explore!


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Baldassare Peruzzi [Public domain], <a href=

‘Apollo and The Muses’ – Baldassare Peruzzi (1481-1537) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For me personally, I believe inspiration is similar to luck. Although you cannot physically touch, taste, smell, or see it; you still find yourself accepting its unique existence, whenever it arrives. As with luck, it has no set agenda, or time-table, and inspiration comes along, as it pleases; eventually disapearing from trace, just as swiftly and mysteriously, as it had first arrived.

When I was a small child, my father gave me a set of encyclopedias to read, They were a great resource of knowledge to me, and very exciting to peruse, And through these books I develop a keen interest in Greek Mythology stories. One story which springs to mind is the story of the Muses. Nine goddesses of inspiration called Clio, Thalia, Erato, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Calliope, Terpsichore, Urania, Melpomene; who generously give their knowledge of literature, science and the arts, for our benefit.

So, if you are writing a poem, or song; giving a creative lecture on science; or painting a picture, Just spare a thought for the Muses, and always rejoice, whenever you are blessed with the wonderful gift of inspiration.

Inspiration by Paul Featherstone

What is this invisible force, which helps us to create,
Is it purely governed by luck, or maybe simply fate,
Its names is inspiration, it teaches us, to believe,
In our skills and aspirations, it guides us, to achieve,
Dreams would amount to nothing, unless it filled our souls,
With a passion for creation, and strength to seek those goals.

It enlightens the deepest senses, has the ability to incite,
The knowledge to solve problems, to know when one is right,
To imagine ideas outside the box, and air our point of view,
Be proud of projects worked upon, and actions, which we do,
Always inspiring us to be better, to examine and explore,
On a quest to learn new things, about the subjects we adore.

It sets the mood for excitement, when planning love’s romance,
And gives us rhythm to music, and true expression to dance,
Giving the talented novelist wisdom, to write a best seller book,
Or to aid the chic fashion designer, intent on, that one off look,
For the artist it gives them vision, to work and mould the clay,
To draw and paint exquisite art, from the subjects they portray.

For some, it comes from others, so looked upon with praise,
True majors in their profession, whose skills simply amaze,
These mentors are like heroes, their example, showing the way,
To reach one’s full potential, and from that path, never to stray,
This gift at times is fleeting, like the moving tides of the sea,
As inspiration waits in the shadows, for that spark to set it free.

Be thankful!

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By Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA (Happy ThanksgivingUploaded by russavia) [<a href=

By Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA (Happy ThanksgivingUploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Too many times, the majority of us tend to look upon the darkside of life; and the negative aspects of our day! It is very easy to feel down under pressure and to live under a dark cloud, when you are having such a bad year, or you have the added stresses of supporting your family, tackling the demands of paying the bills, or facing difficult and challenging times.

I wrote this poem because I wanted to remind people that there is always two sides to the coin! When we get upset, our minds are clouded to what we see around us, and we only think of the bad; forgetting the positive aspects and happy moments of our lives.

We should allow ourselves a time-out under those extreme conditions, and just breathe for a count of ten, blocking everything else out. It is then, that we should relax, reflect upon ourselves, considering all the good things about life, and celebrating what we actually do have, that we maybe took for granted, previously.

So, the next time you are feeling depressed and low, just write down a list of everything that you feel is very special in your Life, and you will see that there are many things to be thankful for!

Be thankful! by Paul Featherstone

Had one of those days? – I say. ‘So what!’
Be thankful for the things, you’ve got,
Why always focus, upon the bad,
It only makes you miserable and sad!
At times we find, we lose our way,
You can rebuild, with each new day,
For not all barriers, can be wrong,
What doesn’t kill us, makes us strong.

You’re feeling hurt, broken inside,
Have fallen down and hurt your pride,
But there’s still time, to put things right!
Instead of darkness, see the light,
Life’s not about, status and wealth,
It’s the thrill, to re-invent oneself,
So come on now and take the step,
To learn new things and be adept.

Sometimes, the road appears unclear,
And fills us all, with dread and fear,
When trying to make the right choice,
Just listen hard, to your inner voice!
For it will guide you and let you see,
The journey towards – positivity,
So often, the future can be bright!
With brand new challenges, to excite.

We waste time, looking for hidden strings,
Instead of enjoying, the wonderful things,
Which this world gives us, to explore,
That we take for granted and ignore,
Mystical pyramids, the northern lights,
Romantic sunsets, all sheer delights,
Such beautiful settings, not to miss,
To enrich our lives, in enchanted bliss.

Spare a thought, for those in need,
Whilst the rich, gluten away on greed,
You think you’re poor? You haven’t a clue!
Just think of those, worse off than you,
Those in poverty, for who we pray,
Will find the strength, to live each day,
The food is scarce, the lands are bare,
Is it not time – for our world to share?

Respect those, who are close to you,
They’ll be your rock, when you are blue,
And guide you, when you need a shove,
Protect you, with their undying love,
Other people, they just come and go,
So, hold on tight to those you know,
For when you have, some time to spare,
Be sure to let them know – you care!

Music was made for everyone!

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Have you ever wondered, how dull and lifeless the world would be without music? You only have to hear the lovely, dulcet tones of this beautiful art form; and your heart can be filled with happiness and utter joy. It can also move us emotionally to tears, and uplift our inner spirits; influencing our desire, to get up and dance.

The majority of songs will relate to others, in differently ways, depending on their own personal perspective. But, with every song that we hear, it will inspire us creatively, and will instill our souls, with so much energy and life.

This wonderful thing has the unique power to reach vast numbers from across the planet; and most importantly, without prejudice, it will bring together people of all kinds, and connect them, in perfect union in a peaceful way.

Whether you choose to be a fan, or a professional musician; music is certainly here to stay, and it is there for everyone to enjoy!

So, I decided to write this poem, to thank God for the wonderful gift, which he bestowed upon us, and to also give credit and honor to all those talented and creative musical artists, who work so hard to entertain us, every day. You totally rock!!!

Music was made for everyone! by Paul Featherstone

As God was busy, creating love,
He blessed us, with a wonderful gift,
That had the power, to enchant us,
To warm our hearts and to uplift,
Filling us, with so much pleasure,
For all was silent, before it came,
The Earth, was in need of a song,
So hence music, became its name.

How much, we take it for granted,
Like the birds, singing in the trees,
Or the calm, whistling of the wind,
Feeling its soft and gentle breeze,
The soothing sound of the ocean,
As its waves, approach the bay,
Aren’t these, all forms of music?
In Mother Nature’s own cool way!

It’s a beautiful form of expression,
Carried upon, a wave of sound,
It is an auditory communication,
And in lots of formats, it is found,
Recorded first on vinyl and tape,
Followed by mini-disc and CD,
Today’s hits can be downloaded,
On to digital media and MP3.

It brings countries and nations closer,
Where other things, force us apart,
And it captivates all, who will listen,
Uniting fans, singers and musicians,
With a tempo, that is fast or slow,
How it breathes life, into dance,
Giving it energy, timing and flow.

For music was made for everyone!
So many styles, for us to choose,
From rock, pop and indie,
To soul, rhythm and blues,
There’s love songs, for lovers,
A serenade of sweet romance,
And for the hardcore dancer,
There’s house, rave and trance.

Some prefer orchestral or classical,
Written by composers, of the past,
Like the great Beethoven or Mozart,
Whose timeless pieces, today still last,
These quaint, harmonious melodies,
With winds, percussions and strings,
Were written, with skill and innovation,
And in the present are treated like kings!

We have rap, hip-hop and gangster,
Ska, reggae, jazz, metal and punk,
Country, gospel, motown, garage,
Techno, glam rock and funk,
New genres, are forever expanding,
As songwriters perform and create,
And the public, enjoy the benefits,
Of their talent, as they eagerly wait.

Each song is compiled of verses,
Where the chorus lies between,
The lyrics tell the subject or story,
Whilst the rhythm sets the scene,
Some songs fills us, with happiness,
Where others can move us to tears,
But, all have a hidden beauty within,
Which will sound heaven, to our ears.


Published February 6, 2013 by paulfeatherstone

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez (1791-1882) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I cannot stress enough, how hard it was to write this poem. In fact, it took me ages, to find the right words, and there were many times, when I wondered if I would actually finish it. Passion to me is such an intense emotion that it can inspire, love, hate, lust, longing, envy, and physical attraction, to name a few. But, for me, I also wanted to describe, how this emotional state can fire off our inner determination and drive to succeed in Life, when we are seeking out our dreams and aspirations.

It is my sincere hope, that eventually, I managed to capture the very essence of each state of this ardent, and strong-willed emotion.

Passion by Paul Featherstone

This deep, insatiable feeling,
Burns, like the embers of a fire,
First dormant and un-stimulated,
Until a spark, awakens its desire,
It is the driving force, behind love,
And forms a catalyst, to romance,
So uncontrollable and spontaneous,
Arising from a single, furtive glance.

The gentle caress of a lovers touch,
Or the warmest, sensual embrace,
How it fill us with wanton pleasure,
Making our heartbeat, pulse and race,
Inspiring an intense urge, to be closer,
To that special someone, we adore,
Captivated by the allure of attraction,
It leaves us longing for so much more.

Whether due to fate, or chemistry,
It navigates us, upon our course,
Has the strength, to draw us in,
Just like a gravitational force,
Putting a spring into our step,
As though, we are walking on air,
Feeling heady and breathless,
From the precious times, we share.

So tempting and infectious,
It overpowers all defenses,
Losing control of our inhibitions,
As it succumbs, the inner senses,
Throwing caution to the wind,
Lost in the throes of ecstasy,
For in the heat of one moment,
We are simply, slaves to fantasy.

Sometimes, we act on impulse,
Spurred on, by that sudden rush,
Reliving a second childhood,
Besotted, by a teenage crush,
For this closest form of intimacy,
Lays the foundations, for love to start,
But this powerful, ardent emotion,
Controls more, than affairs of the heart.

It can helps us, to pursue ambition,
Stay focused, upon personal goals,
Can also feed, the fighting spirit,
And enlighten and move our souls,
Instilling an instinct, for survival,
To take in the vast world around,
And to dream of the possibilities,
With courage to stand one’s ground.

Staying true to our own principals,
Embracing What is right from wrong,
Never backing down; to tyranny,
Believing in oneself, to be strong,
With an excitement, for adventure,
Traveling to places, far and wide,
Learning new languages and cultures,
To be left, with a real sense of pride!

It can motivate dance and music,
Bring vision and style to art,
Is behind all forms of creation,
Through dialect, it makes us smart,
Giving us drive, to be competitive,
And affecting, all kinds of fashion,
But, for all these things to happen,
We need the strong will of Passion!


Published December 1, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Public domain picture of a mythical phoenix.

Throughout our lives, we all go through change! We don’t always have full control of every situation, so it can become scary, when our imagination overtakes us. The very thought of the unknown can be so foreboding, it can fills us with irrational thoughts. We can doubt our very worth, existance, or unique abilities, when these challenges are suddenly thrust upon us.

In difficult times, it is human nature to look for the easiest option. But, that doesn’t always mean it is the correct path to take.

Consider this scenario! You find yourself trapped at the top of a mountain. The first thought in your mind is to stay where you are and to await the arrival of a rescue helicopter. The other available option would be to risk traversing the treacherous path-ways and crevices of the mountain. To climb downwards to a nearby village below, where you know, you will find safety. Although the first option appeals the most to us and seems to be the least risky of the two; there is no certainty that we will be discovered in time, before the immense cold weather conditions and lack of air overpower us.

That is why, sometimes we need to take the bull by the horns and just go for it, despite our original fears! At the present moment, I am going through such a change myself. Like the previous scenario I spoke of, I have chosen to take the harder path. Only time will tell, if I made the right choice, or not. That said, I do believe that the road I have chosen will lead to more fruitful and beneficial possiblities for me, than the other choice. Either way, change is inescapable. When you face a crossroads, be certain of this. Whatever journey you choose to make, things will never be the same again. What was in the past, has been and gone. Worrying about it is just futile! Only the present and future matter now, so go with the flow and see where opportunity leads you.

Reborn by Paul Featherstone

In the distance a storm is brewing,
The winds of change are in the air,
I watch the land covered in shadow,
Rain pours down its dread and despair,
Like an unstoppable army advancing,
With a far reach that blots out the sun,
A sudden fear inside; overwhelms me,
Instilling in me, a need to flee and run.

I hear the deafening crack of thunder,
Forked lightening lights up the sky,
As I contemplate my own mortality,
For could this be my day to die?
All escape is closed off to me!
And in a desperate cry, I scream,
Only to realise, this isn’t reality!
But merely; the fabric of a dream.

Suddenly, there is a wall of silence!
Except for birds singing in the trees,
All around me is calm and tranquil,
As the wind blows a gentle breeze.
Mists of doubt are slowly dispersing,
The dense, dark clouds wearing thin,
Streams of sun-light shine through,
I feel its warmth against my skin.

As I lay on my bed still dreaming,
Pondering this world of the surreal,
I awaken, knowing the hidden meaning,
Behind this strange, adventurous tale,
Like a storm, change can be frightening,
All ways seem blocked, with no escape,
But, it can sometimes be a blessing,
As the world around us takes shape.

Opening our minds to new challenges,
With a chance to grow and be reborn,
Reinventing ourselves in the process,
To arise again like the break of dawn,
Closing one chapter to a previous life,
A time before, which has now flown,
Finding an open door to opportunity,
And stepping into the great unknown.

So, leave behind all your misgivings,
Forget your doubts and let them go,
Accept the never-ending possibilities,
Just be yourself, and go with the flow.
If you believe anything is achievable,
Upon the world, you’ll leave your mark,
For all it takes is a little faith and hope,
And you will find a light within the dark.


Published October 14, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

It hardly surprises me, when you hear people say that we live in a society today, where there are certain individuals, who are completely selfish and are only looking out for themselves; who will go to any lengths good or bad, to achieve it. Those who will make you believe that you are a valued friend or associate. They will say anything to you, just to get what they want, and will just as easily drop you, at the drop of a hat, when they get it.

Thankfully, there are also the majority of people, who genuinely care about others, and who will empathize with them and offer good advice when needed. These are what we call true friends! But sadly, those considerate, nice people are often seen to be weak, or soft by unscrupulous, untrustworthy persons, who believe that such sweet affection, is a clear invitation for them to take advantage of that person’s warmth and kindness and to exploit it, to their own cruel means.

Recently, I was the victim of such a situation. Finally, my eyes were opened to the fact, that my pre-conceptions that they could be trusted, relied upon, and believed, was all a fabrication, a fantasy, and nothing more than deceitful lies.

Have you ever being in a situation, where you have put all your love, loyalty, devotion, and faith into something, or someone, only to later discover that you were never truly respected, or appreciated by them? On reflection, you were treated unfairly? It can really hurt to feel such horrible betrayal! That is why I decided to share my thoughts and feelings within this poem. I hope you will find my words inspiring and take heart, that such bad times should never stop us from being who we are. It is best to learn from the situation and move on, and to never let it consume you.

Betrayed by Paul Featherstone

I thought you could be trusted,
As you first led me to believe!
Behind your smoke and mirrors,
There hid a cruel intent to deceive,
Wish I had heeded the warnings.
The subtle signs of your treachery,
I was blinded by your vicious lies,
But, now at last, I can finally see.

You tricked me with false promises,
It was all part of your malicious goal,
To break me, and to bring me down,
And to destroy and diminish my soul,
You have held me back for too long,
My patience is so worn and frayed,
I gave to you my love and devotion,
For all my loyalty, I was betrayed!

No more will you stab me in the back,
Abuse my good nature with your scams,
For I am nobody’s play-thing or puppet,
Won’t be one of your sacrificial lambs,
I have been your prisoner for years,
In my possession, I hold the key,
To unlock the door to my salvation,
And to finally, set my spirit free.

I am going to leave the past behind,
Learn from my previous mistakes,
Seek my dreams and aspirations.
No matter – how long it takes!
Your plan was to undermine me,
And to exstinquish my inner light,
You failed and under-estimated me,
Because I never ever lost my fight!

I miss you!

Published July 12, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

I think we can all appreciate that at some point in our lives, we will find ourselves missing someone, who is truly dear to our hearts. Whether they be a loved one, a friend, a colleague, or someone close, who has since departed the world, and now lives on a different plane to us.

Being away from someone you love, for such a long period of time, can be both heart-breaking and lonely. But on the positive side; they say absence makes the heart grows fonder. This can be true, as it can actually give you the valuable time you need, to ponder and remeniss, about that person. To understand what makes them, such a great influence in your Life.

It is possible for us to take people for granted, when we know deep inside that they are always going to be there, no matter what! But the minute Fate throws us a curve-ball and takes away that person from us; it can then force us to see the world, through refreshed eyes and a brand new perspective. Suddenly, we can see that person in another light. We can see what makes them very special!

This poem is about a guy who is missing his sweetheart. She has been away for such a long time on business. While he is dwelling in the misery of his solitude, he writes down his inner thoughts and feelings, and at the same time he sees how incomplete his world is, without her love.

I miss you! by Paul Featherstone

Oh – how I miss you girl!
I long, for your embrace,
Wish I could kiiss your lips,
Gently – caress your face,
Feel the intimacy of your touch,
Warm and soft against my skin,
Then I could ease the loneliness,
Which is burning, deep within.

It seems to me, like forever!
Since, you had to go away,
Now time for me has frozen,
I am yearning, for the day,
When you – will return,
To end – this cruel misery,
So I can show you sweetheart,
How much you mean to me.

At the centre of my universe,
You are the apple of my eye,
Bringing light to my darkness,
Like the stars in the night sky,
Without, your blessed love,
I would be – so incomplete,
For, when we are together,
Life couldn’t be more sweet.

There’s no one in this world,
Who means as much to me,
The second that I saw you,
I fell, for you, so helplessly,
Please – hurry my beloved!
Don’t leave me waiting long,
This empty void is growing,
But my love remains strong,

And, do my ears deceive me?
Has the time come, to rejoice?
I can hear the faintest whisper,
The soft echoes of your voice,
As I gaze upon an angel,
A true goddess, I can see!
My heavy heart; has been lifted,
Now, you’ve come back, to me!


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