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Once upon a time…

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

The majority of us have read a book, and have found ourselves transported to a whole new world of fantasy and imagination. It is also a way of escapism for some from their usual lives.

Perhaps we have had a favourite book at one time, which once we had picked it up and looked beyond the fine, colourful cover, we just couldn’t put it down, until the story within had been fully told.

My personal favourite book is ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. For me, J.R.R. Tolkien was truly an amazing and creative writer, who not only told a fantastic story, which grabbed the imagination of his readers, but he also went into such immense detail to describe the characters, landscapes, and other aspects of the world of Middle Earth.

I wanted to encourage people to read books, and to get an idea of all the incredible stories that could be found within each beautifully written masterpiece.

Once upon a time… by Paul Featherstone

Every tale tells us a story,
Within the pages of a book,
Fairytales of far off places,
Wondrous lands, in which to look,
Written down, throughout the ages,
The adventures will unfold,
Captivating to the reader,
Whether they be young, or old.

Times of magic and enchantment,
Dragons, wizards, a mystic spell,
Elves and fairies, gnomes a plenty,
Oracles who will foretell,
Sirens, mermaids, monsters sleeping,
Brave knights of heroic deeds,
Fair maidens availing capture,
Rushed away on flying steeds.

Stories based on science fiction,
Explorations made in space,
A journey to the solar system,
All to save the human race,
Aliens of all kinds mentioned,
Cryogenics, robots too,
Teleporting and time travel,
Future worlds, in which to view.

Drawn from sheer imagination,
Fulfilment within our fantasies,
Based on legends, myths and fables,
Hundreds of stories there to please,
Each with its’ own unique cover,
Spellbinding, and so good to read,
So pick up a book of your choosing,
And see where the adventure leads.


Three little words

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

There are many beautiful things which fill our lives with such wonder and excitement, but I believe that none can really compare to the deepest, most passionate, and strongest feeling that we all get from love.

It is so easy to take this emotion for granted, and to utter those three little words, ‘I love you!’, without meaning it with true sincerity and devotion. For me, it is a very important declaration of the endless, pure love and loyalty that you hold for a person. It is a solem pledge to a sweetheart. soul-mate, loved-one, or star-crossed lover, given freely from the heart, to shows that person, just how special they are, and how much they mean to another.

I wanted to write a poem which would reflect this, and capture the real essence, of how amazing love can be!

Three little words by Paul Featherstone

I could see the sun rise, each morning,
Watch it setting, just before the night,
Be amazed and transfixed, in wonder,
As I behold, such a wondrous sight,
A perfect sky; made up of rich colours,
Shades of orange, pink, red and blue,
But there is no view, more breathtaking,
Whenever I see, the true beauty of you.

As I gaze upwards, towards Heaven,
Counting the stars, which shine above,
The moon moves, throughout its phases,
Filling my romantic heart, with love,
So overwhelmed, by its majestic power,
How it commands, the waves of the sea,
Though no force on Earth, can measure,
Against the eternal hold, you have on me.

It is often said, ‘Time waits for no one!’
You have to grab Life, and seize the day,
Make the most of the skills you are given,
Before the sands of opportunity, slip away,
To explore new challenges and experiences,
Creating memories, which will last forever,
But the fondest, precious moments for me,
Are the special times, we spend together!

There are many ways, to show affection,
To fill someone, with the deepest emotion,
A sweet serenade, that teases the senses,
Or, the prettiest gift, to show one’s devotion,
Love letters written, by the fairest of hand,
Moving poems, and subtle gestures too,
But the strongest of all, is three little words,
Letting you know always, that ‘I love you!’

Love from afar

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Have you ever fallen in love with someone, who at the time, appeared so out of your reach, already belonged to another, or you just felt you weren’t good enough for that person. And yet, you had this uncontrollable desire to be with them always, and any time you got to spend with them, would mean the world to you, no matter how fleeting those moments might be. This poem describes that inner feeling, when you love someone from afar, yet regret not being able to show your true feelings, in fear of losing them forever.

Love from afar by Paul Featherstone

The instance I beheld her,
So helplessly, I fell,
For her heavenly aura,
Put me under its spell,
Brown eyes so appealing,
I think, I almost blushed,
Her smile so warm and gentle,
My heartbeat quickly rushed.

Could I have told her then?
Feeling my knees go weak,
Knew all the words to say,
So shy, I couldn’t speak,
Had I seized that moment,
Or, taken such a chance,
Would love have found me?
My soul-mate for romance.

The mood was clearly set,
Such passion filled the air,
I wanted to run my fingers,
So softly, through her hair,
For when she drew closer,
Her lips, I longed to kiss,
When I felt myself falling,
Into unchartered bliss.

On hearing her sweet voice,
An angelic rhythm played,
Like echoes of a melody,
Within my heart it stayed,
Feeling myself carried,
Upon a wave of sound,
Caught up, within a trance,
Such beauty had me bound.

Finding myself enraptured,
By the vision that I saw,
So dainty and exquisite,
With a figure to adore,
A lady of refinement,
Her nature; kind and true,
I cherished her back then,
Still wonder, if she knew.

I dream of what she’s doing,
Since when, I saw her last,
For time waits for no one,
What’s gone lies in the past,
To look back to those days,
Indeed, it is quite bizarre,
To think, I couldn’t tell her then,
How much I loved her from afar!

Love Bites

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

They are many ways to show someone that you love them! There is the famous three little words, ‘I love you!’ You can also write your loved one an intimate poem, or serenade them with a moving and heartfelt song. You can flood them with gifts, and tokens of your affection, or hug and kiss them lovingly. There are also some ardent lovers, who prefer to show their devoted love, by leaving love bites on their sweetheart’s neck.

I wrote ‘Love Bites’ back in 1997, after being biting by a very voluptous, and fiery red-head. She was indeed a beautiful and seductive lady, and most people would have thought, how lucky I was to receive such an honour that New Year’s Eve. Sadly, at the time, I fancied her daughter, who was nearer my age, and to make masters worse, this lady was a married women. In my defense, I never encouraged her to bite me, and only made pleasant conversation, or had the odd dance. I was also good friends with her husband, and for what seemed like a month or three, I felt so guilty, and hoped he would not find out.

You might think that I should have fended her off, but it is hard to push a lady away gently without hurting her, while she has sunk her teeth into you, and is holding on with a vice-like grip, similar to a Rottweiler! The funny climax to this story – Is that I found out that her husband always knew about the bite, and it was something they had both cooked up between themselves, to have a little fun with me.

To all those people who truly feel that love bites are romantic, I respect your opinion on the matter. Whatever works for you! But, for me personally, I do not like them. I find them crued, embarrassing, and you cannot help but feel that you are been branded like a cow, as though people do not trust your fidelity. From this unique experience, I later found inspiration to write this humourous poem. I hope you find it amusing! : )

Love Bites by Paul Featherstone

What is this fascination?
Can’t see the real apeal!
Why people need a hickey,
To prove their love is real,
Maybe they’re simply starving,
In need of a quick bite,
A secret vampire groupie,
Who preys upon the night.

Some find them to be horny,
They think it shows their hot,
So, what is so attractive,
In wearing a gross grot,
They’ll prance around so cooly,
And give it some of that,
You may think you’re so sexy,
But you’ll just look a prat.

You swear it shows affection,
But it is simply a sign,
To say to would-be lovers,
Hands off – this person is mine,
Who was it that decided?
For on the neck is glum,
Discreteness is essential,
So, how about on your bum?

Time to rub in that tooth-paste,
To make the red go down,
But will it ease the swelling,
And, what about your frown,
No-one will ever notice!
You must be kidding mate,
You’ll be the laugh of many,
Embarrassed by your fate.

Looks like you’ve being savaged,
By one verocious hound,
The jokes will be relentless,
As each one comes around,
They’ll prod you and examine,
Rubbing your poor neck soar,
And say you used the hoover,
When you last cleaned the floor.

So, is it really worth it?
To take on all that grief,
The pain of someone’s bite,
And their sharp knawing teeth,
The answer is very simple!
A way to find sheer bliss,
When you feel like loving?
Then say it with a kiss!

Angels and Demons

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

We all have to face up to our Angels and Demons, throughout the journey of our lives. When we look at Life in general, we dwell too much on the bad times, and take for granted the good times, when we are lucky enough, for them to come along. I wrote ‘Angels and Demons’ because we tend to look at the world, just in black and white. Sometimes, things aren’t always as crystal clear to us, as we first believe.

Not every bad situation is to be taken negatively. There are odd moments, when we need to experience such difficult and stressful challenges, to learn unique lessons from them, and to grow further in ourselves. Also, when we are blessed enough with such good times, we should hold onto those memorable times, and rejoice with the people, who truly make us happy. We should also welcome any opportunities which might fall into our lap, and make the most of it.

Angels and Demons by Paul Featherstone

You feel the world has let you down,
All you can see is a darkened sky,
For you’re weak and broken hearted,
And it’s so hard for you, not to cry,
But there’s light, around the corner,
When it seems, you just can’t cope,
For when you’ve hit rock bottom,
Then it is time, to search for Hope.

No one said, Life would be easy,
There are many rules, to this game,
Some things are beyond, our control,
It is clear, that we’re not to blame,
So never give up, on your dreams,
If there’s a chance, you’ve got to fight,
When you stand against your Demons,
For you, you’ve got to do, what’s right!

There are those, who will put you down,
Always be proud, of who you are,
Though you may not, be rich or famous,
It doesn’t mean, that you’re not a star,
As the only thing, holding you back,
Is your own pride and self esteem,
Stay focused and just seize the day,
You could some day, live your dream.

At times you feel sad and lonely,
As if, you are drowning in despair,
But this Life can be, truly beautiful,
When there’s someone there,to care,
So open up your heart, to others,
For you don’t have, to be alone,
When you find yourself, in trouble,
You need not face things, on your own.

People always dwell, on the hard times,
Aren’t they just challenges, misunderstood?
If we didn’t experience, the bad times,
How would we really know, what’s good?
There is no shame, to be found, in failure!
As long as you know, you tried your best,
There are certain skills we cannot do,
So rejoice in the things, you’re blessed.

We all need our Guardian Angels,
To watch over us, from up above,
The world, could be much brighter,
Without Hate, but filled with Love,
For Money, isn’t everything!
Fame and Fortune, whittles away!
But Love is truly magnificent,
Everlasting and it’s here to stay!


Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

It surprised me recently to discover that there are a lot of women in this world, who appear to be insecure in one way, or another. This has totally baffled me, as I have always believed ladies to be confident about their looks, possessing a professional business acumen, knowing exactly what they want from Life, and being so independent.

But it has since occured to me that there are a majority of peole in this world, who despite their stunning good looks, or varied skills and abilities, do sadly look upon themselves in a negative way, and have a lower self esteem. I pondered why this could happen, and I thought up one reason which could have that effect on an individual. And that reason was bullying!

So, I wrote ‘Insecure’, to tell the story of such a girl, who is treated badly, and picked upon by the other girls. It is viewed through the eyes of a close friend, and seen from their perspective.

I hope this poem will empower others, to believe in themselves more, and to not listen to idle gossip from the people, who have no real value in their lives, who are holding them back. Remember, we all are beautiful and special, in our own ways!

Insecure by Paul Featherstone

You wipe the tears from your eyes,
and paint on a different face,
To disguise the fact your hurting,
As you hold yourself with grace,
It’s so hard for you, to forget!
All the cruel things they said,
Their venom cut you deep inside,
It messed around, with your head.

The other girls called you ugly,
But their proof is so waffle thin,
They are just false and superficial,
Real beauty – Comes from within!
If you break free of your self doubt,
Look in the mirror, you would see,
Their words have no truth to them,
It is nothing more, than jealousy.

I’ve seen the way they treat you,
As though, you’re dirt on their shoe!
Acting like you are their best friend,
While they are stepping over you,
Spreading their lies and gossip,
Causing misery along their path,
Leaving you to pick up the pieces,
Left behind from the aftermath.

Too long you’ve been a prisoner!
With no way of escape in sight,
If you are backed into a corner,
The only option left is to fight,
What is it like to be their puppet?
Is it not time, you took a stand,
Those girls are using you, my friend,
You have to take things into hand!

When I saw you, the other day,
How you made me feel so proud,
No longer hiding in the shadows,
Instead, you stood out in a crowd,
You are not afraid to be yourself,
Comfortable – In your own skin!
You’ve turned your Life around,
With your new attitude to win.

Before, you felt such a loser,
You were, so reserved and shy,
Now you shine, with confidence!
Walking tall, with head held high,
You are no longer their victim,
For the haters have had their day,
You look towards a brighter future,
Knowing things are going to be ok!

Alzheimers (the enemy within)

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Anyone who has a loved one who is suffering from Azheimers, will tell you that it can be a daily struggle for both the person affected by the disease, and those who are caring for that person. This is my personal perspective of how Azheimers effects both myself and my mum, and the constant battle which we have to endure, due to the devastating ways, this cruel disease destroys lives. When faced with such overwhelming odds, it is very easy to lose Faith and belief in yourself. It can leave you feeling weak, tired, depressed and drained. But, when faced with such dark times, there is only one course of action you can take. And that is to fight back.

Alzheimers (the enemy within) by Paul Featherstone

I am overwhelmed with fear,
Of what awaits tomorrow,
Enduring each new day,
In a cruel land of sorrow,
At times, I utterly despair,
Of this unforgiving place,
While the tears fall freely,
Down my saddened face.

There is no just reason,
For my tormented mind,
Only, more and more pain,
Upon this dark road, I find,
Some think I am courageous,
Like a brave noble knight,
Who battles on relentless,
Against an impossible fight.

Searching to find answers,
To the obstacles in my way,
While holding myself together,
Wishing, I could break away,
With a myriad of puzzles,
Which I have yet to solve,
Against a face-less enemy,
Who destroys my resolve,

How I hate you Alzheimers,
And I despise your name,
The way you spread mischief,
While my mum takes the blame,
You take away her memories,
Her humanity, and respect,
Condemning her to confusion,
As you progress, and infect.

If I could only swap places,
Against this terrible disease,
Then I could share her burden,
Know exactly what she sees,
Understand how mum suffers,
With this awful cross to bare,
Constantly she’s hallucinating,
Of things which are not there.

With ease you break my spirit,,
And weigh heavy upon my soul,
Turn my loved ones against me,
As you force me, to lose control,
Chipping away at my psyche,
Until my energy has run dry,
Bringing me to my lowest,
When all I want to do is die.

But that is a coward’s route
Common sense soon prevails
With the dawn of a new day,
A fresh wind, fills my sails,
And once more I defy you,
Repelling each vicious blow
To show you – That I’m stronger,
Than any force, you’ll ever know,.

The odds are stacked against me,
Still, Hope, remains on my side,
‘What if?’ echoes through my mind,
As I hold on tight, to my pride,
You have destroyed so many lives,
Under the reign of your command,
But, I am no conquest of yours,
You’ve got a fight on your hand!

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