Angels and Demons

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

We all have to face up to our Angels and Demons, throughout the journey of our lives. When we look at Life in general, we dwell too much on the bad times, and take for granted the good times, when we are lucky enough, for them to come along. I wrote ‘Angels and Demons’ because we tend to look at the world, just in black and white. Sometimes, things aren’t always as crystal clear to us, as we first believe.

Not every bad situation is to be taken negatively. There are odd moments, when we need to experience such difficult and stressful challenges, to learn unique lessons from them, and to grow further in ourselves. Also, when we are blessed enough with such good times, we should hold onto those memorable times, and rejoice with the people, who truly make us happy. We should also welcome any opportunities which might fall into our lap, and make the most of it.

Angels and Demons by Paul Featherstone

You feel the world has let you down,
All you can see is a darkened sky,
For you’re weak and broken hearted,
And it’s so hard for you, not to cry,
But there’s light, around the corner,
When it seems, you just can’t cope,
For when you’ve hit rock bottom,
Then it is time, to search for Hope.

No one said, Life would be easy,
There are many rules, to this game,
Some things are beyond, our control,
It is clear, that we’re not to blame,
So never give up, on your dreams,
If there’s a chance, you’ve got to fight,
When you stand against your Demons,
For you, you’ve got to do, what’s right!

There are those, who will put you down,
Always be proud, of who you are,
Though you may not, be rich or famous,
It doesn’t mean, that you’re not a star,
As the only thing, holding you back,
Is your own pride and self esteem,
Stay focused and just seize the day,
You could some day, live your dream.

At times you feel sad and lonely,
As if, you are drowning in despair,
But this Life can be, truly beautiful,
When there’s someone there,to care,
So open up your heart, to others,
For you don’t have, to be alone,
When you find yourself, in trouble,
You need not face things, on your own.

People always dwell, on the hard times,
Aren’t they just challenges, misunderstood?
If we didn’t experience, the bad times,
How would we really know, what’s good?
There is no shame, to be found, in failure!
As long as you know, you tried your best,
There are certain skills we cannot do,
So rejoice in the things, you’re blessed.

We all need our Guardian Angels,
To watch over us, from up above,
The world, could be much brighter,
Without Hate, but filled with Love,
For Money, isn’t everything!
Fame and Fortune, whittles away!
But Love is truly magnificent,
Everlasting and it’s here to stay!


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