Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

At some point in our lives, we have to endure heartache, pain, loss, or stress. These challenging circumstances can feel overwhelming, and very difficult to cope with. It may seem like we are crumbling under the immense presure, as though carrying a heavy weight upon our shoulders. But, we need to hold onto Hope, and know that within each of us, we have strength and resolve to battle on, despite these terrible trials. Defiance is all about fighting back against such adversity. No matter how hard, or dark those times may become, there is a hero to be found in all of us.

Defiance by Paul Featherstone

You could make me cry;
Maybe, break my heart;
But you’ll never crush my will.
For as long; as I have hope;
I will challenge; adversity;
Stand defiant, firm, and still.

You’ve thrown my world into chaos;
Put a million obstacles in my way.
One by one; they’ll fall before me,
Then finally, I will seize the day.

You thought that I was weak;
Though you made the mistake;
To forever under-estimate me.
So determined to hold me back;
Wrapping me in your chains;
Until, I found a way to be free!

I can see how you feed off my fear;
You hurt me, to make me feel blue.
I’ll resist your commands to control me,
And I will never, ever, bow down to you!

With an unbreakable spirit,
And my heart filled with love;
I’ll fight you, and never give in.
So, I was weak before;
Those dark times have passed;
There’s no way; I’ll let you win!

It might seem an impossible struggle;
But I’ve faced much worse before.
With each day your hold will diminish;
Then your tyranny will be no more!


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