Love from afar

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Have you ever fallen in love with someone, who at the time, appeared so out of your reach, already belonged to another, or you just felt you weren’t good enough for that person. And yet, you had this uncontrollable desire to be with them always, and any time you got to spend with them, would mean the world to you, no matter how fleeting those moments might be. This poem describes that inner feeling, when you love someone from afar, yet regret not being able to show your true feelings, in fear of losing them forever.

Love from afar by Paul Featherstone

The instance I beheld her,
So helplessly, I fell,
For her heavenly aura,
Put me under its spell,
Brown eyes so appealing,
I think, I almost blushed,
Her smile so warm and gentle,
My heartbeat quickly rushed.

Could I have told her then?
Feeling my knees go weak,
Knew all the words to say,
So shy, I couldn’t speak,
Had I seized that moment,
Or, taken such a chance,
Would love have found me?
My soul-mate for romance.

The mood was clearly set,
Such passion filled the air,
I wanted to run my fingers,
So softly, through her hair,
For when she drew closer,
Her lips, I longed to kiss,
When I felt myself falling,
Into unchartered bliss.

On hearing her sweet voice,
An angelic rhythm played,
Like echoes of a melody,
Within my heart it stayed,
Feeling myself carried,
Upon a wave of sound,
Caught up, within a trance,
Such beauty had me bound.

Finding myself enraptured,
By the vision that I saw,
So dainty and exquisite,
With a figure to adore,
A lady of refinement,
Her nature; kind and true,
I cherished her back then,
Still wonder, if she knew.

I dream of what she’s doing,
Since when, I saw her last,
For time waits for no one,
What’s gone lies in the past,
To look back to those days,
Indeed, it is quite bizarre,
To think, I couldn’t tell her then,
How much I loved her from afar!


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