New Beginnings

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Often we are challenged throughout Life, when we face adversity along the way. There are times when we think something is missing from our lives, and we need a complete change of direction. ‘New Beginnings is about a new start, a new perspective on things, or a new journey to grown within ourselves.

New Beginnings by Paul Featherstone

I was so lost, in the shadows,
Trapped; beneath a vale of despair,
My heart was heavy with sorrow,
I just needed someone to care!
Alas; my pleas fell on the silent,
I prayed; and still nobody came,
Until, a true angel answered me,
She smiled and called my name.

My world was crumbling around me,
With all the stress, I couldn’t cope,
Upon hearing her sweet loving words,
She gave me back my Faith and Hope,
Before; I felt alone and abandoned,
Some nights; I broke down and cried,
And while I searched for salvation,
Her constant vigil, never left my side.

Always there, when it mattered,
To lift my spirits, when I was down,
Wiping away my tears of sadness,
As she put a smile, upon my frown,
She gave me back, my self belief,
And she taught me, how to fight,
From day one, she’s been my rock,
My saviour, and heavenly light.

This is the time for new beginnings,
For a fresh chapter to begin,
Casting aside the hate and anger,
To embrace the love and joy within,
Freeing myself from this darkness,
While I rise up, with the sun,
Feeling reborn, like a phoenix,
As though my Life has just begun.

Once more, I’ll look to the future,
Learn from the lessons of the past,
To be pro-active, in the present,
And build foundations that will last,
With a renewed, clear perspective,
I will create my own Life-plan,
Seeking to grow, within myself,
So, I can become a better man.

This journey; won’t be easy,
Some paths are hard to find,
But, with positivity and focus,
I will leave all my doubts behind,
As long as I believe and imagine,
I’ll forever; keep my dreams alive,
Never stopping ever, in my pursuit,
Until, I see that golden day arrive!


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