Once upon a time…

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

The majority of us have read a book, and have found ourselves transported to a whole new world of fantasy and imagination. It is also a way of escapism for some from their usual lives.

Perhaps we have had a favourite book at one time, which once we had picked it up and looked beyond the fine, colourful cover, we just couldn’t put it down, until the story within had been fully told.

My personal favourite book is ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. For me, J.R.R. Tolkien was truly an amazing and creative writer, who not only told a fantastic story, which grabbed the imagination of his readers, but he also went into such immense detail to describe the characters, landscapes, and other aspects of the world of Middle Earth.

I wanted to encourage people to read books, and to get an idea of all the incredible stories that could be found within each beautifully written masterpiece.

Once upon a time… by Paul Featherstone

Every tale tells us a story,
Within the pages of a book,
Fairytales of far off places,
Wondrous lands, in which to look,
Written down, throughout the ages,
The adventures will unfold,
Captivating to the reader,
Whether they be young, or old.

Times of magic and enchantment,
Dragons, wizards, a mystic spell,
Elves and fairies, gnomes a plenty,
Oracles who will foretell,
Sirens, mermaids, monsters sleeping,
Brave knights of heroic deeds,
Fair maidens availing capture,
Rushed away on flying steeds.

Stories based on science fiction,
Explorations made in space,
A journey to the solar system,
All to save the human race,
Aliens of all kinds mentioned,
Cryogenics, robots too,
Teleporting and time travel,
Future worlds, in which to view.

Drawn from sheer imagination,
Fulfilment within our fantasies,
Based on legends, myths and fables,
Hundreds of stories there to please,
Each with its’ own unique cover,
Spellbinding, and so good to read,
So pick up a book of your choosing,
And see where the adventure leads.


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