Show Me Some Respect!

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

This poem entitled ‘Show Me Some Respect!’, also doubles as a dance song, and was entered into two International Song Writing Contests in the United Kingdom and the US. within the Lyrics Only category.

I wrote it to empower anyone who have been treated badly, made fun of, bullied, or deceived by another! The poem/song is about someone who is in a relationship with another, and they have finally seen that person for their true colours. It is the very moment they are enlightened to escape, and break free from the other person’s tyranny.

Show Me Some Respect! by Paul Featherstone

How could you hurt me?
Try to bring me down,
Treat me like some fool,
as your personal clown.
You are such a loser!
For the things that you do,
the way you get your kicks,
from making others feel blue.

You take great pleasure,
From spreading your lies,
Degrading, deceitful,
All the things I despise,
I won’t be your victim,
Now I’m breaking free,
To leave you in the gutter,
With the rest of misery.

I’m much wiser now,
I’ll fight you till the end,
I see right through you,
You never were my friend,
It’s clear you’re my enemy,
And your poison has no effect,
For I am proud of who I am,
So show me some respect!

You’ve tried your best,
to run me into the ground,
I felt weak and worthless,
When you were around,
Always you judged me,
But what you couldn’t see,
If anyone had a problem?
Then it was you, never me!

I thought you loved me,
But – Now I realize,
Your hate was hidden,
Behind a cunning disguise,
With jealousy and envy,
You tried to take hold,
Then I saw your true colors,
Were malicious and cold,

You treated me like a freak,
an outcast, who didn’t fit in,
I’m tired of your stupid games,
with rules – I could never win!
I’m not bothered, what you think,
who cares, if I’m not perfect,
for who really is in this world?
So show me some respect!

I shouldn’t have listened to,
The cruel things you said,
They got under my skin,
And messed with my head,
It was all part of your plan,
Some kind of sick fantasy,
But you really missed out,
You couldn’t see the real me.

Why should I give a damn?
If you hold power or wealth,
You can’t buy my allegiance,
I am always true to myself,
My principals aren’t corrupt,
Because I’m honest and true,
I’ll stand by those; who love me,
And I will forget about you.

You sought to destroy me,
But – In the end you failed,
I ride the waves of opportunity,
My ship has finally sailed,
Now I don’t want your advice,
No need for you, to direct,
I’m in charge of my Life,
So show me some respect!


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