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Published October 14, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

It hardly surprises me, when you hear people say that we live in a society today, where there are certain individuals, who are completely selfish and are only looking out for themselves; who will go to any lengths good or bad, to achieve it. Those who will make you believe that you are a valued friend or associate. They will say anything to you, just to get what they want, and will just as easily drop you, at the drop of a hat, when they get it.

Thankfully, there are also the majority of people, who genuinely care about others, and who will empathize with them and offer good advice when needed. These are what we call true friends! But sadly, those considerate, nice people are often seen to be weak, or soft by unscrupulous, untrustworthy persons, who believe that such sweet affection, is a clear invitation for them to take advantage of that person’s warmth and kindness and to exploit it, to their own cruel means.

Recently, I was the victim of such a situation. Finally, my eyes were opened to the fact, that my pre-conceptions that they could be trusted, relied upon, and believed, was all a fabrication, a fantasy, and nothing more than deceitful lies.

Have you ever being in a situation, where you have put all your love, loyalty, devotion, and faith into something, or someone, only to later discover that you were never truly respected, or appreciated by them? On reflection, you were treated unfairly? It can really hurt to feel such horrible betrayal! That is why I decided to share my thoughts and feelings within this poem. I hope you will find my words inspiring and take heart, that such bad times should never stop us from being who we are. It is best to learn from the situation and move on, and to never let it consume you.

Betrayed by Paul Featherstone

I thought you could be trusted,
As you first led me to believe!
Behind your smoke and mirrors,
There hid a cruel intent to deceive,
Wish I had heeded the warnings.
The subtle signs of your treachery,
I was blinded by your vicious lies,
But, now at last, I can finally see.

You tricked me with false promises,
It was all part of your malicious goal,
To break me, and to bring me down,
And to destroy and diminish my soul,
You have held me back for too long,
My patience is so worn and frayed,
I gave to you my love and devotion,
For all my loyalty, I was betrayed!

No more will you stab me in the back,
Abuse my good nature with your scams,
For I am nobody’s play-thing or puppet,
Won’t be one of your sacrificial lambs,
I have been your prisoner for years,
In my possession, I hold the key,
To unlock the door to my salvation,
And to finally, set my spirit free.

I am going to leave the past behind,
Learn from my previous mistakes,
Seek my dreams and aspirations.
No matter – how long it takes!
Your plan was to undermine me,
And to exstinquish my inner light,
You failed and under-estimated me,
Because I never ever lost my fight!

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