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Published December 1, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Public domain picture of a mythical phoenix.

Throughout our lives, we all go through change! We don’t always have full control of every situation, so it can become scary, when our imagination overtakes us. The very thought of the unknown can be so foreboding, it can fills us with irrational thoughts. We can doubt our very worth, existance, or unique abilities, when these challenges are suddenly thrust upon us.

In difficult times, it is human nature to look for the easiest option. But, that doesn’t always mean it is the correct path to take.

Consider this scenario! You find yourself trapped at the top of a mountain. The first thought in your mind is to stay where you are and to await the arrival of a rescue helicopter. The other available option would be to risk traversing the treacherous path-ways and crevices of the mountain. To climb downwards to a nearby village below, where you know, you will find safety. Although the first option appeals the most to us and seems to be the least risky of the two; there is no certainty that we will be discovered in time, before the immense cold weather conditions and lack of air overpower us.

That is why, sometimes we need to take the bull by the horns and just go for it, despite our original fears! At the present moment, I am going through such a change myself. Like the previous scenario I spoke of, I have chosen to take the harder path. Only time will tell, if I made the right choice, or not. That said, I do believe that the road I have chosen will lead to more fruitful and beneficial possiblities for me, than the other choice. Either way, change is inescapable. When you face a crossroads, be certain of this. Whatever journey you choose to make, things will never be the same again. What was in the past, has been and gone. Worrying about it is just futile! Only the present and future matter now, so go with the flow and see where opportunity leads you.

Reborn by Paul Featherstone

In the distance a storm is brewing,
The winds of change are in the air,
I watch the land covered in shadow,
Rain pours down its dread and despair,
Like an unstoppable army advancing,
With a far reach that blots out the sun,
A sudden fear inside; overwhelms me,
Instilling in me, a need to flee and run.

I hear the deafening crack of thunder,
Forked lightening lights up the sky,
As I contemplate my own mortality,
For could this be my day to die?
All escape is closed off to me!
And in a desperate cry, I scream,
Only to realise, this isn’t reality!
But merely; the fabric of a dream.

Suddenly, there is a wall of silence!
Except for birds singing in the trees,
All around me is calm and tranquil,
As the wind blows a gentle breeze.
Mists of doubt are slowly dispersing,
The dense, dark clouds wearing thin,
Streams of sun-light shine through,
I feel its warmth against my skin.

As I lay on my bed still dreaming,
Pondering this world of the surreal,
I awaken, knowing the hidden meaning,
Behind this strange, adventurous tale,
Like a storm, change can be frightening,
All ways seem blocked, with no escape,
But, it can sometimes be a blessing,
As the world around us takes shape.

Opening our minds to new challenges,
With a chance to grow and be reborn,
Reinventing ourselves in the process,
To arise again like the break of dawn,
Closing one chapter to a previous life,
A time before, which has now flown,
Finding an open door to opportunity,
And stepping into the great unknown.

So, leave behind all your misgivings,
Forget your doubts and let them go,
Accept the never-ending possibilities,
Just be yourself, and go with the flow.
If you believe anything is achievable,
Upon the world, you’ll leave your mark,
For all it takes is a little faith and hope,
And you will find a light within the dark.

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