Music was made for everyone!

Published February 6, 2013 by paulfeatherstone

Have you ever wondered, how dull and lifeless the world would be without music? You only have to hear the lovely, dulcet tones of this beautiful art form; and your heart can be filled with happiness and utter joy. It can also move us emotionally to tears, and uplift our inner spirits; influencing our desire, to get up and dance.

The majority of songs will relate to others, in differently ways, depending on their own personal perspective. But, with every song that we hear, it will inspire us creatively, and will instill our souls, with so much energy and life.

This wonderful thing has the unique power to reach vast numbers from across the planet; and most importantly, without prejudice, it will bring together people of all kinds, and connect them, in perfect union in a peaceful way.

Whether you choose to be a fan, or a professional musician; music is certainly here to stay, and it is there for everyone to enjoy!

So, I decided to write this poem, to thank God for the wonderful gift, which he bestowed upon us, and to also give credit and honor to all those talented and creative musical artists, who work so hard to entertain us, every day. You totally rock!!!

Music was made for everyone! by Paul Featherstone

As God was busy, creating love,
He blessed us, with a wonderful gift,
That had the power, to enchant us,
To warm our hearts and to uplift,
Filling us, with so much pleasure,
For all was silent, before it came,
The Earth, was in need of a song,
So hence music, became its name.

How much, we take it for granted,
Like the birds, singing in the trees,
Or the calm, whistling of the wind,
Feeling its soft and gentle breeze,
The soothing sound of the ocean,
As its waves, approach the bay,
Aren’t these, all forms of music?
In Mother Nature’s own cool way!

It’s a beautiful form of expression,
Carried upon, a wave of sound,
It is an auditory communication,
And in lots of formats, it is found,
Recorded first on vinyl and tape,
Followed by mini-disc and CD,
Today’s hits can be downloaded,
On to digital media and MP3.

It brings countries and nations closer,
Where other things, force us apart,
And it captivates all, who will listen,
Uniting fans, singers and musicians,
With a tempo, that is fast or slow,
How it breathes life, into dance,
Giving it energy, timing and flow.

For music was made for everyone!
So many styles, for us to choose,
From rock, pop and indie,
To soul, rhythm and blues,
There’s love songs, for lovers,
A serenade of sweet romance,
And for the hardcore dancer,
There’s house, rave and trance.

Some prefer orchestral or classical,
Written by composers, of the past,
Like the great Beethoven or Mozart,
Whose timeless pieces, today still last,
These quaint, harmonious melodies,
With winds, percussions and strings,
Were written, with skill and innovation,
And in the present are treated like kings!

We have rap, hip-hop and gangster,
Ska, reggae, jazz, metal and punk,
Country, gospel, motown, garage,
Techno, glam rock and funk,
New genres, are forever expanding,
As songwriters perform and create,
And the public, enjoy the benefits,
Of their talent, as they eagerly wait.

Each song is compiled of verses,
Where the chorus lies between,
The lyrics tell the subject or story,
Whilst the rhythm sets the scene,
Some songs fills us, with happiness,
Where others can move us to tears,
But, all have a hidden beauty within,
Which will sound heaven, to our ears.


6 comments on “Music was made for everyone!

    • Thank you so much Caroline for your kind words. Yes, music is a beautiful art, which brings lots of people together, and with so many music genres around, we are all spoilt for choice. There is something for everyone! I appreciate your feedback. Thank you Sweetie! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO

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