Be thankful!

Published February 7, 2013 by paulfeatherstone

By Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA (Happy ThanksgivingUploaded by russavia) [<a href=

By Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA (Happy ThanksgivingUploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Too many times, the majority of us tend to look upon the darkside of life; and the negative aspects of our day! It is very easy to feel down under pressure and to live under a dark cloud, when you are having such a bad year, or you have the added stresses of supporting your family, tackling the demands of paying the bills, or facing difficult and challenging times.

I wrote this poem because I wanted to remind people that there is always two sides to the coin! When we get upset, our minds are clouded to what we see around us, and we only think of the bad; forgetting the positive aspects and happy moments of our lives.

We should allow ourselves a time-out under those extreme conditions, and just breathe for a count of ten, blocking everything else out. It is then, that we should relax, reflect upon ourselves, considering all the good things about life, and celebrating what we actually do have, that we maybe took for granted, previously.

So, the next time you are feeling depressed and low, just write down a list of everything that you feel is very special in your Life, and you will see that there are many things to be thankful for!

Be thankful! by Paul Featherstone

Had one of those days? – I say. ‘So what!’
Be thankful for the things, you’ve got,
Why always focus, upon the bad,
It only makes you miserable and sad!
At times we find, we lose our way,
You can rebuild, with each new day,
For not all barriers, can be wrong,
What doesn’t kill us, makes us strong.

You’re feeling hurt, broken inside,
Have fallen down and hurt your pride,
But there’s still time, to put things right!
Instead of darkness, see the light,
Life’s not about, status and wealth,
It’s the thrill, to re-invent oneself,
So come on now and take the step,
To learn new things and be adept.

Sometimes, the road appears unclear,
And fills us all, with dread and fear,
When trying to make the right choice,
Just listen hard, to your inner voice!
For it will guide you and let you see,
The journey towards – positivity,
So often, the future can be bright!
With brand new challenges, to excite.

We waste time, looking for hidden strings,
Instead of enjoying, the wonderful things,
Which this world gives us, to explore,
That we take for granted and ignore,
Mystical pyramids, the northern lights,
Romantic sunsets, all sheer delights,
Such beautiful settings, not to miss,
To enrich our lives, in enchanted bliss.

Spare a thought, for those in need,
Whilst the rich, gluten away on greed,
You think you’re poor? You haven’t a clue!
Just think of those, worse off than you,
Those in poverty, for who we pray,
Will find the strength, to live each day,
The food is scarce, the lands are bare,
Is it not time – for our world to share?

Respect those, who are close to you,
They’ll be your rock, when you are blue,
And guide you, when you need a shove,
Protect you, with their undying love,
Other people, they just come and go,
So, hold on tight to those you know,
For when you have, some time to spare,
Be sure to let them know – you care!


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