All for the love of Faye!

Published February 14, 2013 by paulfeatherstone

'Happy lovers' By Fragonard [Public domain], <a href=

‘The Happy Lovers ‘ – Jean-Honore Fragonard (1760-1765) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, to some! This day is extremely special, as it allows us to express our deepest, unconditional love, towards one another. This can be done in all kinds of ways, such as a heartfelt message, or poem within a card; a gift of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers; or a token of love, such as whisking away your beloved, to a romantic place. For others, it is a great way to be all mysterious and secretive, loving someone from afar, without giving away their identity, in the intended hope, that they will be found out, and from their subtle efforts of affection; love will eventually prevail.

But, what you shouldn’t forget – is that Valentine’s Day is only one day in the year! True love is something that should be continuous and forever growing, like a flower blossoming with age. So, if you love someone completely, you should remind those cherished people, how much they mean to you; how much they are appreciated and loved by you, and how lost you would be, without them.

This poem is about a love that has been lost, but not forgotten. It tells of the story of Jack and his search for Faye, his one and only soulmate.

All for the love of Faye! by Paul Featherstone

Many years had passed by,
But, his love remained true,
For a fair, young maiden,
Who; he had once knew!
Guided, only by the stars,
Up in the heavens above,
He set sail upon a journey,
To seek out, his lost love.

He sailed on relentless,
Searching day and night,
Combing the high seas,
Until, land was in sight,
So long, he had waited,
Dreaming of this day,
Of holding in his arms,
His sweet, loving Faye.

For they were to marry,
And she, be his bride,
He wanted to always,
Be there, by her side,
But misfortune came,
So cruel and mean,
Compelled, to leave her,
Due to a war, unforseen.

The fight had since ended,
Peace reigned, once more,
No signs could be found,
Of that terrible war,
He was finally home,
Stepping onto dry land,
Soft footsteps approached,
As his feet touched the sand.

A vision stood before him,
Who called out his name,
Such pretty complexion,
With a fair golden mane,
And her lips, so delicious,
Her cheeks, blushing red,
She spoke to him softly,
“It is time, we were wed!”

He pulled her up closely,
In union – they kissed,
Their memories flooded,
Of good times they’d missed,
Once more – reunited!
With a love that won’t pass,
Jack had found his Faye,
His beloved, bonnie lass.

2 comments on “All for the love of Faye!

  • I love this Paul. Your poem gave me shivers. I like the ambiguity of the reality of the ending or if she was a ghost or if they had both passed and met in the afterlife…
    Thanks for bringing it to the party!
    So glad to see you again Twitter friend!

    • Thank you Susie for your valued feedback. I appreciate it. I always imagined the two characters being around the time of the Battle Of Trafalgar. They are not ghosts, but are just star-crossed lovers who have been separated, due to the arrival of war. And this is taking place after the war has ended, but because so much time has passed, Jack has to go searching for her in his ship. I wrote a prequel to this, where they get engaged at a dance, which I didn’t write, until ten years after this one. Some day, I will eventually write about the wedding! LOL! : ) Always glad to see you too my friend! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO

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