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'The Fire' - Alexandre Antigna (1817-1878) [Public domain], <a href=

‘The Fire’ – Alexandre Antigna (1817-1878) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fear can affect us all, in many different ways. For some of us, it can be the suspense of going for a job interview; the inpending thought of visiting the dentist; or the pressure felt, when we are taking exams. Others are generated through unique phobias about heights; spiders and creepy crawlies; or enclosed spaces, to name a few.

These are usually fuelled by irrational thoughts, but there are also real fears to be aware of, when we are faced with dangerous situations.

I therefore wanted to write a poem, which would emcompass this emotion, as a whole. However, just as a coin has its two different sides, I also wanted to show, that fear is not only a negative emotion, but it can also be a positive one.

Fear by Paul Featherstone

Fear can overwhelm us, at any moment,
Warning the senses, something is wrong,
It can alert you! To impending danger,
For its influence is immensely strong,
Often triggered by a situation, or object,
Which is perceived to be irrational, or real!
And once it seizes hold of the imagination,
We feel shaken and our skin becomes pale.

An icy chill runs quickly down the spine,
As the eyes widen and pupils dilate,
We succumb to an uneasy apprehension,
While we predict; some terrible fate,
It often twists and distorts our reality,
And its effect can be severe, or mild,
But its greatest intensity is felt the most,
When viewed through the eyes of a child.

Haven’t most of us, been afraid of the dark?
Heard a noise that has filled us with dread,
Or we’ve imagined, all kinds of monsters,
Which we believed, lived under our bed!
Almost too scared to peer over the covers,
Just in case – We are discovered and seen,
As shadows cast, project frightening faces,
Giving an eerie feeling of the evil unseen.

To awaken abruptly by an awful nightmare,
And stare deep into the impenetrable gloom,
Within a cold sweat; with heartbeat racing,
As we search frantically, the darkened room,
Tears fall down our cheeks, uncontrollably,
The silence broken by cries in the night,
Only to feel safe and secure once again,
When a family member turns on the light.

For an adult, these fears are fantasy,
To a young child, they appear so real,
Creations from an over-active mind,
A fabrication of a story, or fairytale,
With time – These anxietes diminish,
As we grow older – They fade away,
But others remain more persistant,
In later life, they haunt us, and stay.

They manifest themselves into phobias,
And become so disturbing, to the extreme,
A fear of creepy crawlies; snakes, or spiders,
Can leave us cringing, and wanting to scream,
Other times, we’re affected by surroundings,
Afraid of water; heights, or enclosed spaces,
We become nervous, when flying by plane,
Or at social gatherings; meeting new faces.

There are those unable to step outside,
Others get stage fright; performing in plays,
Some reasons seems so strange and bizarre,
Such as fearing clowns, balloons, or sunrays,
One may panic about change, or failure!
See weakness; through being by oneself,
Or will suffer from paranoia and delusions,
Tormented by the effects of a mental health.

Its powerful hold, can prey upon thousands,
With the overwhelming awe of its might,
Our thoughts will tell us to cower and run,
But sometimes defiant, we stand and fight,
For facing one’s fears can be pleasurable,
To be able to stop it from taking its toll,
With help from groups, friends, and family,
We can often find the source of its control.

But this emotion isn’t just negative,
What we usually fail to comprehend,
Is that fear isn’t always the enemy,
But in reality, it is actually our friend,
Giving us instinct, concern, and caution,
Not to be hasty, but to make the right choice,
And to reassure us of the vast world outside,
With a true perception, and an intuitive voice.

We crave its suspense and excitement,
As we search for novel ways to be terrified,
The movies buffs watching their horror stories,
Thrill-seekers riding a roller-coaster ride,
When mass hysteria and chaos threatens us,
It can unite us to fight; for a common ground,
For God endowed us with fear – To protect us,
From the threats and hazards, which lie around.


8 comments on “Fear

    • Thank you so much Susie for your uplifting feedback on my poem ‘Fear’. I am pleased that you liked it, and that you saw my other point of view too. Great stuff! Have a lovely Week! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO

  • I love this for it it so beautiful written. It describes fear so perfectly and has made realize that fear can serve purpose as well. I am just in awe of how talented you are

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