Published December 1, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Public domain picture of a mythical phoenix.

Throughout our lives, we all go through change! We don’t always have full control of every situation, so it can become scary, when our imagination overtakes us. The very thought of the unknown can be so foreboding, it can fills us with irrational thoughts. We can doubt our very worth, existance, or unique abilities, when these challenges are suddenly thrust upon us.

In difficult times, it is human nature to look for the easiest option. But, that doesn’t always mean it is the correct path to take.

Consider this scenario! You find yourself trapped at the top of a mountain. The first thought in your mind is to stay where you are and to await the arrival of a rescue helicopter. The other available option would be to risk traversing the treacherous path-ways and crevices of the mountain. To climb downwards to a nearby village below, where you know, you will find safety. Although the first option appeals the most to us and seems to be the least risky of the two; there is no certainty that we will be discovered in time, before the immense cold weather conditions and lack of air overpower us.

That is why, sometimes we need to take the bull by the horns and just go for it, despite our original fears! At the present moment, I am going through such a change myself. Like the previous scenario I spoke of, I have chosen to take the harder path. Only time will tell, if I made the right choice, or not. That said, I do believe that the road I have chosen will lead to more fruitful and beneficial possiblities for me, than the other choice. Either way, change is inescapable. When you face a crossroads, be certain of this. Whatever journey you choose to make, things will never be the same again. What was in the past, has been and gone. Worrying about it is just futile! Only the present and future matter now, so go with the flow and see where opportunity leads you.

Reborn by Paul Featherstone

In the distance a storm is brewing,
The winds of change are in the air,
I watch the land covered in shadow,
Rain pours down its dread and despair,
Like an unstoppable army advancing,
With a far reach that blots out the sun,
A sudden fear inside; overwhelms me,
Instilling in me, a need to flee and run.

I hear the deafening crack of thunder,
Forked lightening lights up the sky,
As I contemplate my own mortality,
For could this be my day to die?
All escape is closed off to me!
And in a desperate cry, I scream,
Only to realise, this isn’t reality!
But merely; the fabric of a dream.

Suddenly, there is a wall of silence!
Except for birds singing in the trees,
All around me is calm and tranquil,
As the wind blows a gentle breeze.
Mists of doubt are slowly dispersing,
The dense, dark clouds wearing thin,
Streams of sun-light shine through,
I feel its warmth against my skin.

As I lay on my bed still dreaming,
Pondering this world of the surreal,
I awaken, knowing the hidden meaning,
Behind this strange, adventurous tale,
Like a storm, change can be frightening,
All ways seem blocked, with no escape,
But, it can sometimes be a blessing,
As the world around us takes shape.

Opening our minds to new challenges,
With a chance to grow and be reborn,
Reinventing ourselves in the process,
To arise again like the break of dawn,
Closing one chapter to a previous life,
A time before, which has now flown,
Finding an open door to opportunity,
And stepping into the great unknown.

So, leave behind all your misgivings,
Forget your doubts and let them go,
Accept the never-ending possibilities,
Just be yourself, and go with the flow.
If you believe anything is achievable,
Upon the world, you’ll leave your mark,
For all it takes is a little faith and hope,
And you will find a light within the dark.



Published October 14, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

It hardly surprises me, when you hear people say that we live in a society today, where there are certain individuals, who are completely selfish and are only looking out for themselves; who will go to any lengths good or bad, to achieve it. Those who will make you believe that you are a valued friend or associate. They will say anything to you, just to get what they want, and will just as easily drop you, at the drop of a hat, when they get it.

Thankfully, there are also the majority of people, who genuinely care about others, and who will empathize with them and offer good advice when needed. These are what we call true friends! But sadly, those considerate, nice people are often seen to be weak, or soft by unscrupulous, untrustworthy persons, who believe that such sweet affection, is a clear invitation for them to take advantage of that person’s warmth and kindness and to exploit it, to their own cruel means.

Recently, I was the victim of such a situation. Finally, my eyes were opened to the fact, that my pre-conceptions that they could be trusted, relied upon, and believed, was all a fabrication, a fantasy, and nothing more than deceitful lies.

Have you ever being in a situation, where you have put all your love, loyalty, devotion, and faith into something, or someone, only to later discover that you were never truly respected, or appreciated by them? On reflection, you were treated unfairly? It can really hurt to feel such horrible betrayal! That is why I decided to share my thoughts and feelings within this poem. I hope you will find my words inspiring and take heart, that such bad times should never stop us from being who we are. It is best to learn from the situation and move on, and to never let it consume you.

Betrayed by Paul Featherstone

I thought you could be trusted,
As you first led me to believe!
Behind your smoke and mirrors,
There hid a cruel intent to deceive,
Wish I had heeded the warnings.
The subtle signs of your treachery,
I was blinded by your vicious lies,
But, now at last, I can finally see.

You tricked me with false promises,
It was all part of your malicious goal,
To break me, and to bring me down,
And to destroy and diminish my soul,
You have held me back for too long,
My patience is so worn and frayed,
I gave to you my love and devotion,
For all my loyalty, I was betrayed!

No more will you stab me in the back,
Abuse my good nature with your scams,
For I am nobody’s play-thing or puppet,
Won’t be one of your sacrificial lambs,
I have been your prisoner for years,
In my possession, I hold the key,
To unlock the door to my salvation,
And to finally, set my spirit free.

I am going to leave the past behind,
Learn from my previous mistakes,
Seek my dreams and aspirations.
No matter – how long it takes!
Your plan was to undermine me,
And to exstinquish my inner light,
You failed and under-estimated me,
Because I never ever lost my fight!

I miss you!

Published July 12, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

I think we can all appreciate that at some point in our lives, we will find ourselves missing someone, who is truly dear to our hearts. Whether they be a loved one, a friend, a colleague, or someone close, who has since departed the world, and now lives on a different plane to us.

Being away from someone you love, for such a long period of time, can be both heart-breaking and lonely. But on the positive side; they say absence makes the heart grows fonder. This can be true, as it can actually give you the valuable time you need, to ponder and remeniss, about that person. To understand what makes them, such a great influence in your Life.

It is possible for us to take people for granted, when we know deep inside that they are always going to be there, no matter what! But the minute Fate throws us a curve-ball and takes away that person from us; it can then force us to see the world, through refreshed eyes and a brand new perspective. Suddenly, we can see that person in another light. We can see what makes them very special!

This poem is about a guy who is missing his sweetheart. She has been away for such a long time on business. While he is dwelling in the misery of his solitude, he writes down his inner thoughts and feelings, and at the same time he sees how incomplete his world is, without her love.

I miss you! by Paul Featherstone

Oh – how I miss you girl!
I long, for your embrace,
Wish I could kiiss your lips,
Gently – caress your face,
Feel the intimacy of your touch,
Warm and soft against my skin,
Then I could ease the loneliness,
Which is burning, deep within.

It seems to me, like forever!
Since, you had to go away,
Now time for me has frozen,
I am yearning, for the day,
When you – will return,
To end – this cruel misery,
So I can show you sweetheart,
How much you mean to me.

At the centre of my universe,
You are the apple of my eye,
Bringing light to my darkness,
Like the stars in the night sky,
Without, your blessed love,
I would be – so incomplete,
For, when we are together,
Life couldn’t be more sweet.

There’s no one in this world,
Who means as much to me,
The second that I saw you,
I fell, for you, so helplessly,
Please – hurry my beloved!
Don’t leave me waiting long,
This empty void is growing,
But my love remains strong,

And, do my ears deceive me?
Has the time come, to rejoice?
I can hear the faintest whisper,
The soft echoes of your voice,
As I gaze upon an angel,
A true goddess, I can see!
My heavy heart; has been lifted,
Now, you’ve come back, to me!

Once upon a time…

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

The majority of us have read a book, and have found ourselves transported to a whole new world of fantasy and imagination. It is also a way of escapism for some from their usual lives.

Perhaps we have had a favourite book at one time, which once we had picked it up and looked beyond the fine, colourful cover, we just couldn’t put it down, until the story within had been fully told.

My personal favourite book is ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. For me, J.R.R. Tolkien was truly an amazing and creative writer, who not only told a fantastic story, which grabbed the imagination of his readers, but he also went into such immense detail to describe the characters, landscapes, and other aspects of the world of Middle Earth.

I wanted to encourage people to read books, and to get an idea of all the incredible stories that could be found within each beautifully written masterpiece.

Once upon a time… by Paul Featherstone

Every tale tells us a story,
Within the pages of a book,
Fairytales of far off places,
Wondrous lands, in which to look,
Written down, throughout the ages,
The adventures will unfold,
Captivating to the reader,
Whether they be young, or old.

Times of magic and enchantment,
Dragons, wizards, a mystic spell,
Elves and fairies, gnomes a plenty,
Oracles who will foretell,
Sirens, mermaids, monsters sleeping,
Brave knights of heroic deeds,
Fair maidens availing capture,
Rushed away on flying steeds.

Stories based on science fiction,
Explorations made in space,
A journey to the solar system,
All to save the human race,
Aliens of all kinds mentioned,
Cryogenics, robots too,
Teleporting and time travel,
Future worlds, in which to view.

Drawn from sheer imagination,
Fulfilment within our fantasies,
Based on legends, myths and fables,
Hundreds of stories there to please,
Each with its’ own unique cover,
Spellbinding, and so good to read,
So pick up a book of your choosing,
And see where the adventure leads.

Three little words

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

There are many beautiful things which fill our lives with such wonder and excitement, but I believe that none can really compare to the deepest, most passionate, and strongest feeling that we all get from love.

It is so easy to take this emotion for granted, and to utter those three little words, ‘I love you!’, without meaning it with true sincerity and devotion. For me, it is a very important declaration of the endless, pure love and loyalty that you hold for a person. It is a solem pledge to a sweetheart. soul-mate, loved-one, or star-crossed lover, given freely from the heart, to shows that person, just how special they are, and how much they mean to another.

I wanted to write a poem which would reflect this, and capture the real essence, of how amazing love can be!

Three little words by Paul Featherstone

I could see the sun rise, each morning,
Watch it setting, just before the night,
Be amazed and transfixed, in wonder,
As I behold, such a wondrous sight,
A perfect sky; made up of rich colours,
Shades of orange, pink, red and blue,
But there is no view, more breathtaking,
Whenever I see, the true beauty of you.

As I gaze upwards, towards Heaven,
Counting the stars, which shine above,
The moon moves, throughout its phases,
Filling my romantic heart, with love,
So overwhelmed, by its majestic power,
How it commands, the waves of the sea,
Though no force on Earth, can measure,
Against the eternal hold, you have on me.

It is often said, ‘Time waits for no one!’
You have to grab Life, and seize the day,
Make the most of the skills you are given,
Before the sands of opportunity, slip away,
To explore new challenges and experiences,
Creating memories, which will last forever,
But the fondest, precious moments for me,
Are the special times, we spend together!

There are many ways, to show affection,
To fill someone, with the deepest emotion,
A sweet serenade, that teases the senses,
Or, the prettiest gift, to show one’s devotion,
Love letters written, by the fairest of hand,
Moving poems, and subtle gestures too,
But the strongest of all, is three little words,
Letting you know always, that ‘I love you!’

Love from afar

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

Have you ever fallen in love with someone, who at the time, appeared so out of your reach, already belonged to another, or you just felt you weren’t good enough for that person. And yet, you had this uncontrollable desire to be with them always, and any time you got to spend with them, would mean the world to you, no matter how fleeting those moments might be. This poem describes that inner feeling, when you love someone from afar, yet regret not being able to show your true feelings, in fear of losing them forever.

Love from afar by Paul Featherstone

The instance I beheld her,
So helplessly, I fell,
For her heavenly aura,
Put me under its spell,
Brown eyes so appealing,
I think, I almost blushed,
Her smile so warm and gentle,
My heartbeat quickly rushed.

Could I have told her then?
Feeling my knees go weak,
Knew all the words to say,
So shy, I couldn’t speak,
Had I seized that moment,
Or, taken such a chance,
Would love have found me?
My soul-mate for romance.

The mood was clearly set,
Such passion filled the air,
I wanted to run my fingers,
So softly, through her hair,
For when she drew closer,
Her lips, I longed to kiss,
When I felt myself falling,
Into unchartered bliss.

On hearing her sweet voice,
An angelic rhythm played,
Like echoes of a melody,
Within my heart it stayed,
Feeling myself carried,
Upon a wave of sound,
Caught up, within a trance,
Such beauty had me bound.

Finding myself enraptured,
By the vision that I saw,
So dainty and exquisite,
With a figure to adore,
A lady of refinement,
Her nature; kind and true,
I cherished her back then,
Still wonder, if she knew.

I dream of what she’s doing,
Since when, I saw her last,
For time waits for no one,
What’s gone lies in the past,
To look back to those days,
Indeed, it is quite bizarre,
To think, I couldn’t tell her then,
How much I loved her from afar!

Love Bites

Published May 5, 2012 by paulfeatherstone

They are many ways to show someone that you love them! There is the famous three little words, ‘I love you!’ You can also write your loved one an intimate poem, or serenade them with a moving and heartfelt song. You can flood them with gifts, and tokens of your affection, or hug and kiss them lovingly. There are also some ardent lovers, who prefer to show their devoted love, by leaving love bites on their sweetheart’s neck.

I wrote ‘Love Bites’ back in 1997, after being biting by a very voluptous, and fiery red-head. She was indeed a beautiful and seductive lady, and most people would have thought, how lucky I was to receive such an honour that New Year’s Eve. Sadly, at the time, I fancied her daughter, who was nearer my age, and to make masters worse, this lady was a married women. In my defense, I never encouraged her to bite me, and only made pleasant conversation, or had the odd dance. I was also good friends with her husband, and for what seemed like a month or three, I felt so guilty, and hoped he would not find out.

You might think that I should have fended her off, but it is hard to push a lady away gently without hurting her, while she has sunk her teeth into you, and is holding on with a vice-like grip, similar to a Rottweiler! The funny climax to this story – Is that I found out that her husband always knew about the bite, and it was something they had both cooked up between themselves, to have a little fun with me.

To all those people who truly feel that love bites are romantic, I respect your opinion on the matter. Whatever works for you! But, for me personally, I do not like them. I find them crued, embarrassing, and you cannot help but feel that you are been branded like a cow, as though people do not trust your fidelity. From this unique experience, I later found inspiration to write this humourous poem. I hope you find it amusing! : )

Love Bites by Paul Featherstone

What is this fascination?
Can’t see the real apeal!
Why people need a hickey,
To prove their love is real,
Maybe they’re simply starving,
In need of a quick bite,
A secret vampire groupie,
Who preys upon the night.

Some find them to be horny,
They think it shows their hot,
So, what is so attractive,
In wearing a gross grot,
They’ll prance around so cooly,
And give it some of that,
You may think you’re so sexy,
But you’ll just look a prat.

You swear it shows affection,
But it is simply a sign,
To say to would-be lovers,
Hands off – this person is mine,
Who was it that decided?
For on the neck is glum,
Discreteness is essential,
So, how about on your bum?

Time to rub in that tooth-paste,
To make the red go down,
But will it ease the swelling,
And, what about your frown,
No-one will ever notice!
You must be kidding mate,
You’ll be the laugh of many,
Embarrassed by your fate.

Looks like you’ve being savaged,
By one verocious hound,
The jokes will be relentless,
As each one comes around,
They’ll prod you and examine,
Rubbing your poor neck soar,
And say you used the hoover,
When you last cleaned the floor.

So, is it really worth it?
To take on all that grief,
The pain of someone’s bite,
And their sharp knawing teeth,
The answer is very simple!
A way to find sheer bliss,
When you feel like loving?
Then say it with a kiss!

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