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Published February 6, 2013 by paulfeatherstone

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez (1791-1882) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I cannot stress enough, how hard it was to write this poem. In fact, it took me ages, to find the right words, and there were many times, when I wondered if I would actually finish it. Passion to me is such an intense emotion that it can inspire, love, hate, lust, longing, envy, and physical attraction, to name a few. But, for me, I also wanted to describe, how this emotional state can fire off our inner determination and drive to succeed in Life, when we are seeking out our dreams and aspirations.

It is my sincere hope, that eventually, I managed to capture the very essence of each state of this ardent, and strong-willed emotion.

Passion by Paul Featherstone

This deep, insatiable feeling,
Burns, like the embers of a fire,
First dormant and un-stimulated,
Until a spark, awakens its desire,
It is the driving force, behind love,
And forms a catalyst, to romance,
So uncontrollable and spontaneous,
Arising from a single, furtive glance.

The gentle caress of a lovers touch,
Or the warmest, sensual embrace,
How it fill us with wanton pleasure,
Making our heartbeat, pulse and race,
Inspiring an intense urge, to be closer,
To that special someone, we adore,
Captivated by the allure of attraction,
It leaves us longing for so much more.

Whether due to fate, or chemistry,
It navigates us, upon our course,
Has the strength, to draw us in,
Just like a gravitational force,
Putting a spring into our step,
As though, we are walking on air,
Feeling heady and breathless,
From the precious times, we share.

So tempting and infectious,
It overpowers all defenses,
Losing control of our inhibitions,
As it succumbs, the inner senses,
Throwing caution to the wind,
Lost in the throes of ecstasy,
For in the heat of one moment,
We are simply, slaves to fantasy.

Sometimes, we act on impulse,
Spurred on, by that sudden rush,
Reliving a second childhood,
Besotted, by a teenage crush,
For this closest form of intimacy,
Lays the foundations, for love to start,
But this powerful, ardent emotion,
Controls more, than affairs of the heart.

It can helps us, to pursue ambition,
Stay focused, upon personal goals,
Can also feed, the fighting spirit,
And enlighten and move our souls,
Instilling an instinct, for survival,
To take in the vast world around,
And to dream of the possibilities,
With courage to stand one’s ground.

Staying true to our own principals,
Embracing What is right from wrong,
Never backing down; to tyranny,
Believing in oneself, to be strong,
With an excitement, for adventure,
Traveling to places, far and wide,
Learning new languages and cultures,
To be left, with a real sense of pride!

It can motivate dance and music,
Bring vision and style to art,
Is behind all forms of creation,
Through dialect, it makes us smart,
Giving us drive, to be competitive,
And affecting, all kinds of fashion,
But, for all these things to happen,
We need the strong will of Passion!

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